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Allowing migration of a project from one site to another is not obvious. It implies that a project can be serialized to an external representation on site and then deserialized on any target site. Current CDE are built by gluing existing tools like CVS, majordomo, Telnet Access, FTP. Their serialization is complex. The only data that can be extracted from a project is the source code tarball. When people are moving their project, they loose their forums, activities, download area, mailing list archives and wiki pages. LibreSource allows to migrate resources from a LibreSource server to another.

Users can dump a subtree in an XML file and restore it to another LibreSource server. Thus projects are not bound to a centralized server.


Users can at any time use the "xml" action on a node.

Figure 1 - XML export action

This will dump an XML file containing the XML representation of subtree rooted at this URI.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<libresource:libresource-dump original-host="" date="21-10-05 11:38:20" original-root="/documentation">
	<kernel:node owner="/users/jouille" uri-part="">
				<acl:owner type="Group" uri="./authors"/>
			<kernel:property key="">
		<kernel:resource shortName="LibreSource Documentation" service="LibresourceWiki" type="Page">
			<wiki:page lastEditor="Florent Jouille" lastEdited="18-10-05 01:07:03">
					LibreSource Documentation
Figure 2 - An example of LibreSource XML dump


Importing can be achieved by creating a new ressource. Go to Resource Creation page and choose the "Import data from XML file" link.

Figure 3 - Import form

The tree contained in the XML file will be recreated with all its data.

Figure 4 - XML Import

At this time, all the resources created when importing belong to the user who did the import (original ownership is lost).

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