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A wiki page allow users to publish informations quickly, using a simple syntax. The LibreSource wiki engine is based on the radeox engine. It has been extended to include Libresource specific macros. New macros can easily be added in the radeox engine to customize pages.

Please note that both wiki page and menu attached to pages are wiki enabled. You can customize menus and home page of your projects. Macros added to the wiki engines can be very useful.

For example, if you use the {news:/project/news:15}, you will include a news part in your page feeded by the thread created in /project/news. The second parameter specify how many news you want to view. Thread is another kind of ressource. It is just a sequence of messages. Another example of libresource wiki macro is {searchBox}. It inserts in the page the search interface in the current wiki pages.

You can use wiki syntax in:

  • Project summary
  • Wiki content
  • Menu content
  • Forum messages
  • Bugtrackers issues
  • all resource description (repository, forum...)
Menu content can be edited as a wiki page for each node. If no menu is defined for a node, its content is inherited from the parent node. Thus it is very simple to customize navigation in different parts of the resource tree. Special macros have been defined to help in the construction of the navigation system. Generic navigation functions remains always available.

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