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The Survey resource provides you a simple and quick way to request users's opinion. You have obviously specific right access to allow only certain people to vote in the survey. The options are managed in the edition page of the resource, and you can add as many options as you want. The question is indexed and so can be easily found by the user with the search engine.

When you visit the survey resource page, you can vote (if you have the right to), and see the results. Each user can vote only once. The owner of the survey can set the question, manage the options (add, delete, update), and choose a graphical mode to view the results (simple HTML, Piechart or Histogram). Finally, the owner can “close” the survey if he wants to stop the vote (but he can reopen it if necessary).

Additionnal permission for this resource

  • VOTE : Allow user to vote in this survey

Events for this resource

  • libresourceSurvey.survey.create
  • libresourceSurvey.survey.edit
  • libresourceSurvey.survey.delete
  • libresourceSurvey.survey.addOption
  • libresourceSurvey.survey.deleteOption
  • libresourceSurvey.survey.editOption
  • libresourceSurvey.survey.close

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