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The Forum is very classical. Tree types of resource are availables :
  • Forum
  • Thread
  • Message
There is a hierarchical structure :
  • Forum nodes are fathers of messages threads
  • messages threads nodes are fathers of messages
Figure 1 - The hierarchical structure of a Forum

Note that each message is a ressource and is indexed. When users perform search on resources, he will search in forums… As all resources, messages and topics are managed by libresource security rules and libresource notification.


  • A forum has a Name and a Description.
  • A thread has only a Title.
  • A message has a Title and a Body.

Additionnal permission for this resource

On a forum node, you have a POST MESSAGES permission which allow user to post new threads and messages in the Forum :

  • Someone who has this right will be able to add a new thread in a forum. Then he ill be able to reply to this new thread.
  • Someone who has this right will be able to reply a message in a thread.

Events for these resources

For forum resource :


For thread resource :

  • libresourceForum.thread.create
  • libresourceForum.thread.edit
  • libresourceForum.thread.delete
  • libresourceForum.thread.reply

For message resource :

  • libresourceForum.message.create
  • libresourceForum.message.edit
  • libresourceForum.message.delete

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